Whitney Moses, CMT | massage therapy


From Yelp.com:

“Whitney’s skill and work is a wonderful blend between the intellectual, the intuitive, and the sensate. Her education regarding human anatomy and kinetics is obvious–I have a number of injuries to work through, and she is always taking note of new areas of knowledge to apply to them! ALSO: It just feels DAMN good.”

— Jess K.

“Whitney ROCKS!

But besides that, she is an amazing massage therapist and body-worker. One of only two people I go to these days, as others just haven’t seemed to “get it”. They were good, yes – but Whitney goes many steps further and creates a massage distinctly for *you*, and for exactly what your body needs. You’ll literally float off of her table when she’s through!”

— Casey P.

“I’m picky about who I hire to heal me. I think that good skill is only a start. Whitney has those skills, and is deeply invested in refining them as a lifelong process. She is attentive, and targets the areas most in need based on her clients’ histories.

More than that, though, she has a sense of humanism and compassion that lends itself to making a massage more than just relaxing, but deeply healing. Her magic hands start working my back, and I am rid of old negative feelings that have been locked in. Buh-bye, baggage!

Omigod, this lady knows how to work it. I am so happy on her table, putty in her hands.”

— Rebecca R.

From Tribe.net:

“As someone with a history of back, neck, and even leg injuries, I know pain. Oh, do I know pain. I have been without physical therapy since moving up north 10 months ago, and my body has been wracked with jaw-clenching, horrifying pain. I was about to go to the E.R. yesterday, something which I have NEVER done for pain. Then, my boyfriend called Whitney, and we spoke and she wonderfully fit me into her schedule. I didn’t know what to expect. But wow – she is incredible. Must be a combination of intuition, anatomical knowledge, compassion, focus, and simple natural talent, because she found EVERY spot that has ever bothered me, and some I had never known about. She wasn’t afraid of applying pressure, but never hurt me or made me feel discomfort. I felt at ease and in extremely capable hands, and haven’t felt this grateful in ages! I went from feeling helpless to feeling like there is actually a human out there who can help! Oh – and as an added bonus, she has the most comfortable massage table ever. I absolutely recommend Whitney – she is a rarity.”

— Tara G.

“I’m a programmer, so I live in my brain; my body is a hassle to deal with. When I started seeing Whitney for massages, she understood where I was coming from, and started teaching me about my body in a way that helped me connect with it. I’ve seen my share of massage therapists, and Whitney is the first to reach me on both a physical and an intellectual level, bringing me into dialogue with my own muscles.

I’ve never felt so good about being in my own skin.”

— Sarah D.

“I love the fact that Whit asks questions and listens first, then works second. She doesn’t have a preconceived notion of what my body needs. At the same time if I’m having trouble being specific she’s able to prod around and tell me what she see’s and help me to verbalize in a way that I learn more about my body every time.”

— Yosh H.